Cllr Mark Dempsey – PPC for North Swindon

Mark Dempsey was selected in July 2012 as Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Swindon.  Mark is a winning campaign organiser, a local candidate and an experienced environmental professional who has worked at the heart of Westminister.  He looks forward to taking back North Swindon for the Labour Party.

Mark lives in Abbey Meads.  He is  Deputy Leader of Swindon Labour Councillors.  During his time as a Council he has helped increase the Labour vote in his ward by 17% and tried to be an active, approachable and hard-working local Councllor.  He was Parliamentary Candidate for the Cotswolds in 2010 and works and an environmental specialist for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.  He previously led a Parliamentary Group at Westminster and has worked in Brussels.  On the Shadow Cabinet Mark has responsibility for:

  • Public Transport
  • Regeneration
  • Economic Development
  • Local Transport Planning
  • Traffic and Transport Planning
  • Parking and Park & Ride
  • Sustainability
  • Rural Affairs
  • Forward Planning and Development Control
  • Strategic Spatial Planning and Development Framework Planning

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  • northswindonlabour

    Congratulations Mark!

  • Mrs V Mapstone

    Hello Mark was lovely to meet you in person today, as requested you asked me to drop you a line with finding out from SBC about having bonfires. Look forward to your response. Keep up the good work Mrs. Mapstone